[colug-432] Seeking technical assistance for Mint on Yoga 2 Pro

Dennis Reeder reeder1968 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 09:30:53 EST 2014

I have been struggling, both desperately and unsuccessfully, to install
Mint on a relatively new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.  I have installed a new mSata
ssd into the laptop.  I have partitioned it correctly.  Windows 8.1 is
working perfeclty from one of the partitions.  A new fresh version of Mint
is installed in the other partition.  However I cannot get it to boot into

I believe that I am very close to having the project done....yet I still
cannot get the machine to boot into the Linux OS.   Need GRUB bootloader,
need to disable something?  Arggghhhh.

A little background here. I am a novice nooby struggling to learn while  I
am doing it.  I am enjoying the trip but it has now gotten to the point of
frustration and the fun factor is rapidly diminishing.  Particularly since
I am not able to use the Lenovo Yoga and/or learn more about Mint.

I am a Mac OS user and have been since .... well the beginning back in
'84.  I am also fairly competent, at least to some degree, with Android.
I am not very fluent in Windows at all.  The goal is to keep 8.1 on the
Yoga jsut in case I need it for something down the road (or to migrate to
Windows 10 or whatever).   I would like to become proficient enough in
Ubuntu/Mint to wean myself off of OS X.

I installed Mint (and Ubuntu) on an Asus laptop about two months ago and
sampled each. Decided I liked Mint.  But it was the sole OS on the
machine....no Windows.  So booting into another OS was not part of the
equation. And that apparently made things a helluva lot easier during the

As I mentioned I think (almost absolutely positive) that I have Mint
correctly installed.  It is there.  But the problem lies in the boot.  I
think I have done most of the hard (ie labor intensive if I can even use
that term) work already.  And what remains to be done should be (fingers
crossed) pretty simple.

Any suggestions?  Recommendations.  Anyone willing to meet me at a
coffeehouse, restaurant etc to help nail this down?  I would be more than
wiling to buy coffee, a sandwich, a Lamborghini Aventador....only kidding
on the Lambo.



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