[colug-432] Seeking technical assistance for Mint on Yoga 2 Pro

Rob Funk rfunk at funknet.net
Wed Nov 12 10:16:16 EST 2014

Dennis Reeder wrote:
> I have been struggling, both desperately and unsuccessfully, to install
> Mint on a relatively new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.  I have installed a new mSata
> ssd into the laptop.  I have partitioned it correctly.  Windows 8.1 is
> working perfeclty from one of the partitions.  A new fresh version of Mint
> is installed in the other partition.  However I cannot get it to boot into
> Mint.
> I believe that I am very close to having the project done....yet I still
> cannot get the machine to boot into the Linux OS.   Need GRUB bootloader,
> need to disable something?  Arggghhhh.

I've only read about setting up Linux on these newfangled UEFI
machines, but the first thing to try would be to configure the BIOS
(or whatever they call it now) to disable Secure Boot.

If you still can't get it to work after that, maybe switch it to
Legacy Mode, though I'm not sure how Windows will like that.

> As I mentioned I think (almost absolutely positive) that I have Mint
> correctly installed.  It is there.  But the problem lies in the boot.  I
> think I have done most of the hard (ie labor intensive if I can even use
> that term) work already.  And what remains to be done should be (fingers
> crossed) pretty simple.

You didn't mention what error messages you get, or what happens when
you try to boot Linux.

By the way, the best thing I've found about running Linux on the Yoga
2 Pro is about Arch Linux, but still might be useful:

I've been eyeing the Yoga 2 Pro for a while (and was really
disappointed that Lenovo mangled the keyboard on its successor), so
I'm hoping you can get things working.

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