[colug-432] Off Subject iPad

tom thomas.w.cranston at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 16:41:59 EST 2014

Some friends are visiting from Switzerland, and the wife's iPad is 
acting funny. I could enter no text from either the Logitech Bluetooth 
keyboard or the onscreen? virtual? keyboard. I remember the bluetooth 
keyboard one did not work the last time they came. I finally noticed it 
was solar powered. Worked after getting a good charge. This time neither 
worked. I turned off the Bluetooth from the iPad. I could type onto an 
email from the iPads onscreen keyboard, but not into a login screen.

The behavior is you type a letter, and then the cursor goes back to the 
left. You can type a lot of letters quickly, but then the cursor goes 
back to the left erasing everything. This is fun as everything on it is 
in Swiss.

Have not found answers on the web.


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