[colug-432] Seeking technical assistance for Mint on Yoga 2 Pro

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Wed Nov 12 12:37:42 EST 2014

On 11/12/2014 09:30 AM, Dennis Reeder wrote:
> I have been struggling, both desperately and unsuccessfully, to install
> Mint on a relatively new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.  I have installed a new mSata
> ssd into the laptop.  I have partitioned it correctly.  Windows 8.1 is
> working perfeclty from one of the partitions.  A new fresh version of Mint
> is installed in the other partition.  However I cannot get it to boot into
> Mint.
> ...

I heard from Dennis first on the OSU OSC mailing list.
The problem struck me as a missing or mis-set active partition flag.
I've run into that most times I've installed Linux dual boot (RH, SUSE,
and variants).
So I started trying to walk him through 'fdisk' off list in order to set
make his Mint partition "active".

If this is the problem, it's a simple fix but a real pain for a newbe.

Latest status is that he's getting "permission denied", so clearly
whatever shell he's getting from the Mint installer is restricted. I
don't know Mint. Latest note I sent to him suggested prefix the command
with 'sudo'. So now I'm hoping Mint allows that 'sudo' isn't broken. (in
the installer; I'm sure it's fine in the installed system)

Then on this list, I see speculation about UEFI and/or Secure Boot being
in the way. Scary.

-- R; <><

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