[colug-432] Any kafka users on the list ?

Chris Embree cembree at ez-as.net
Fri Nov 21 13:17:07 EST 2014

Sadly, yes.

We're using Kafka as the buffering queue for OpenSOC (getopensoc.com)
and while it works well when things are fine, it has significant
difficulty recovering from hiccups.

Also, there are few tools for managing it from an Admin point of view.
Deleting a topic is a non-trivial task, for example.


On 11/21/14, Tom Hanlon <tom at functionalmedia.com> wrote:
> Colug,
> Are there any kafka users on this list.
> http://kafka.apache.org/
> I am looking to dive into kafka and some use-case, war-story,
> discussion with a user would be helpful.
> If there is broader interest perhaps we can make a meeting
> presentation out of it.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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