[colug-432] 64bit OS Not Seeing All RAM

Stephen Potter spp at unixsa.net
Tue Jun 9 16:33:43 EDT 2015

There's also a few mentions online of early BIOS versions of the 210L 
not supporting 4GB, but there seems to be confusion around that.


On 6/9/2015 3:31 PM, William Yang wrote:
> On 06/07/2015 02:34 PM, tom wrote:
>> Installed LinuxMint 17 64bit ver2 on Dell Optiplex 210L.  64bit P4,
>> Hyperthreading enabled = running in 64bit mode. New Crucial 4 GB RAM (2
>> 2GB sticks), Onboard video - Video Memory Size Is set at 8 MB. I only
>> have 3 GB RAM available. Setup sees 4 GB of RAM. Since I am running 64
>> bit OS all of the RAM should be available. Is there something about the
>> 64 bit P4 that is causing this problem.
> This observation is to suggest a direction of research, rather than a solution.
> I once had a Dell M65 precision laptop that couldn't support more than 3 GB
> of RAM, even though there was 4 GB installed.  I vaguely remember that had
> something to do with the integrated video on the motherboard, rather than
> the CPU....
> 	-Bill

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