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> I just got a card with the chip. My understanding is that the credit
> card company takes the responsibility if the card # is hacked, stolen,
> etc if the merchants device reads the chip. If the device does not read
> the chip, but only reads the swipe, the merchant is responsible for any
> loss.

That's my understanding as well.  My wife runs her own business and has a
chip reader from Square.  She says it works fine, the only thing is you
have to keep the card in the reader while the customer signs it, and it
takes longer than swiping the card.

> I have been seeing TV adds that claim your chip card can be read
> by criminals with a device in your proximity. They are advertising
> sleeves that your card slides into to prevent your card from being read.

I believe the chip card was created to prevent things like that from
happening.  The electromagnetic strip that still exists on the back of chip
cards is still vulnerable to that, though.  That may be what they're
talking about.
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