[colug-432] browser bloat

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Tue Feb 16 15:32:04 EST 2016

With my note about "how do I enable this plug-in?" there's a side story.
I've been trying out a couple other browsers.
Firefox (and Thunderbird) has been great and is still my preferred browser.
But there are rumblings and rumors, and it's good to have alternatives

Mozilla apps are heavy.
Since they split the combo into Firefox for web browsing and Thunderbird
for email, it has been tolerable.
But programs expand to consume all available memory and storage.
So there's yet another reason to keep abreast of alternatives.

I dislike Chrome after some bad experience with it seeming to take-over.
(Taking over is Google's MO. Like father, like son.)
But I don't hate it with the same fervor as I loathe IE.

Opera is another. "Maybe it won't be as heavy as Firefox."
When digging into the video problem, I brought up Opera. (It had been
installed for 6 or 8 weeks at least, but rarely used.)
Things were fine, then started getting funny: partial page rendering.
Then I noticed that the filesystem where Opera's cache lives had filled up.
Turns out Opera is a bigger cache pig than Firefox!

-- R; <><

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