[colug-432] enabling PepperFlash in Firefox

Rob Funk rfunk at funknet.net
Wed Feb 17 09:46:21 EST 2016

Rick Troth wrote:
> We've had some trouble lately with video at particular web sites.
> Twitter serves as the poster child. Most tweets with video say "browser
> does not support video". (So how come YouTube works?)

YouTube offers many different formats, in their attempt to make things
work. See https://www.youtube.com/html5 for information about how
YouTube support matches up with what your browser supports. As far as
I can tell, Twitter uses only H.264 video encoding.

If that YouTube page shows that you're missing H.264 support (which is
my guess), this page may help:

Other googling I've done indicates that adding plugins to Gstreamer
may help.

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