[colug-432] IPv6: ... Time Warner

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Mon Jan 4 14:55:33 EST 2016

On 01/04/2016 02:32 PM, Vince Herried wrote:
> I just pestered Time Warner  (TW)  about their plans.
> I had IPV6 last year for a month or so and was able to confirm the
> setup of ssh to my web server.
> Then TW shut it off.

CeroWRT (OpenWRT) says I've still got v6 here ...

    IPv6 WAN Status ...
    ge00     Address: 2607:fcc8:ffc0:9e:45ba:9f0a:f30:9f57/128

This is a TWC line.

-- R; <><

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