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William Yang wyang at gcfn.net
Mon Jan 4 22:23:35 EST 2016

Even though I tunnel IPv6 with a broker, I recently discovered that my 
pfSense firewall also picks up an IPv6 (/128) address within a /64 on 
the TCW interface, and I can ping other devices in that /64...


On 2016-01-04 14:32, Vince Herried wrote:
> Enjoyed reading the article and watching the video on Vint.
> I just pestered Time Warner  (TW)  about their plans.
> I had IPV6 last year for a month or so and was able to confirm the 
> setup of ssh to my web server.
> Then TW shut it off.
> The rep claims they plan on rolling it out ( again ) in 2016.
> I didn't press my luck and ask if they were using a carrier grade nat.
> --
> Vince
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