[colug-432] IPv6 Tunnels blocked by Netflix

Josh Preston jpreston at redhat.com
Thu Jun 23 12:01:58 EDT 2016


We get a "you're bad, don't proxy" error message when trying to stream
Netflix.  If I disable my IPv6 tunnel, it works properly.  Now that I've
gotten used to IPv6 and reworked my entire home network, I am reluctant to
undo all that work!

Netflix tried to convince me that it is my ISP and Tunnel Provider's
problem, and that it was nothing on their end... despite some articles to
the contrary [1][2][3].

So just wondering if anyone else who utilizes Hurricane Electric or similar
IPv6 tunneling services has experienced playback issues with Netflix and
was curious to see if/how one might go about resolving it?

My router (that also establishes my tunnel) does not support creating null
routes or fudging DNS requests, so I was hoping there was an alternative



Josh Preston, RHCE
Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Architect
North America Central, Red Hat, Inc.
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