[colug-432] IPv6 Tunnels blocked by Netflix

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Thu Jun 23 19:11:06 EDT 2016

On 06/23/2016 12:01 PM, Josh Preston wrote:
> We get a "you're bad, don't proxy" error message when trying to stream
> Netflix.  If I disable my IPv6 tunnel, it works properly.  Now that I've
> gotten used to IPv6 and reworked my entire home network, I am reluctant to
> undo all that work!

I think I heard about this on G+. We dropped NetFlix last year so I
can't personally verify/investigate.

> Netflix tried to convince me that it is my ISP and Tunnel Provider's
> problem, and that it was nothing on their end... despite some articles to
> the contrary [1][2][3].

Does your ISP provide IPv6? Mine does (now), though I still use SixXS
for anything that I want nailed down. (And still use SixXS /heavily/ in
places where I can't get native IPv6, which are many.) I'd be curious if
you could compare IPv6 to NetFlix from an ISP bequest IPv6 address
versus your HE tunneled IPv6 address(es).

> So just wondering if anyone else who utilizes Hurricane Electric or similar
> IPv6 tunneling services has experienced playback issues with Netflix and
> was curious to see if/how one might go about resolving it?

I'm no fan of their crude attempt at identifying customer geographic
region. Methods and tools for faking your location are trivial and many.
(And not employed solely for location masking. But we all know this. NF
are clueless.)

NetFlix has (I presume, based on observation) legal obligation to the
content owners. While NF could fairly be accused of ineffective methods
(I'm being nice), they're probably not the *real* bad guys in this case.
Blame Hollywood. This isn't a DMCA situation; it's not even copyright
per se. But it *is* related to "controlled release" (my term).

It's possible, this is just a WAG, that NF policy is intended to look
good to Hollywood lawyers. Their engineers are not idiots; they know
full well that a given client IP address often has no relation at all to
the physical location of the end user.

> My router (that also establishes my tunnel) does not support creating null
> routes or fudging DNS requests, so I was hoping there was an alternative
> solution.

Do you have a VPS? Try sucking down a flick or two via some proxy
running in the cloud, something for which IPv4 and IPv6 both look like
the same "region" to the NF side of the conversation. I know a high
quality VPS service right here in Columbus.

I hope this helps.

-- R; <><

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