[colug-432] VM Workshop in Columbus this week

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Tue Jun 20 12:14:11 EDT 2017

I should mention the "VM Workshop <http://www.vmworkshop.org/>" which
will be at Ohio State this week <http://www.vmworkshop.org/2017.shtml>,
Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday.

Y'all have heard about it before. I confess that I tried, but failed, to
get the group to call it "VM _and Linux_ Workshop". Most of the topics
will have something to do with Linux (usu mainframe Linux, but Linux is
Linux). But the community is largely comprised of IBM customers, so
there's a focus on IBM's VM product. (Different from other hypervisors,
of course, and really slick! Not to be confused with the mainframe
stereotype OS.)

The conference is not free. Late registration is $135.

I'm presenting. Had offered several topics thinking they'd need one or
two, but they scheduled all four. So Friday I'll be presenting ...

  * simple shared spaces, shared disk (virt or real), shared FS in
    (virt) ROM
  * DNS as a z/VM guest, because IBM no longer includes a name server
    with VM TCP/IP
  * SSL/TLS and PKI
  * Tor

As usual, I'm cramming to finish my presentations here at the last
minute.   :-)

-- R; <><

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