[colug-432] Linux on Mac

Fred Gablick fgablick at columbus.rr.com
Tue Mar 28 09:23:06 EDT 2017

I use Audacity all the time, and find it a fantastic, lightweight tool. It CAN be complex, but it's also simple enough to just hit the record button. 

It's also free and open-source. 

- Fred

> On Mar 27, 2017, at 13:09, tom <thomas.w.cranston at gmail.com> wrote:
> Was given circa 2013 MacBook 13" Considering installing Linux on it. Any 
> thoughts?
> I use Audio Recorder on Linux Mint to do simple recordings of practice 
> sessions. We just record new material and send people home with that so 
> they can learn and practice material at home. Audacity is way too 
> complex for that. The Mac has Garage Band which is too complex as well 
> for what I am doing. Is there a simple sound recorder for Mac?
> Tom
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