[colug-jobs] Senior Consultant for UNIX/Linux needed

Angelo McComis angelo at mccomis.com
Thu Jun 27 11:13:56 EDT 2013

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My company is looking to recruit a Senior Consultant for UNIX/Linux.

The skill set called out as desiring one that has experience in Solaris,
Linux, Oracle products, and server consolidation skills.

The role will require travel, likely 50-60% nationwide (US).

Being in Columbus or nearby is fine, as there is a branch office here, plus
travel to client sites only requires that you're near an airport that can
get you there in 2 hops or less.

This is an engineering / design / consultative position, not someone who
sits in the cube all day.

If this sounds like something you have interest in pursuing, reach out to
me for the full list of job description, how to apply, and info on the

This is a full time position. It's not a contractor, or contract-to hire


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