[colug-jobs] McGraw Hill devops opportunity

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Mon Jun 6 10:50:11 EDT 2016

A recruiter contacted me with the following opportunity. I'm not
looking for anything new, but maybe this is of interest to someone

Please don't contact me about this.  Contact  Jenna Giancaterino.
Tell her I sent you, though!  ;)

Platform Run

McGraw-Hill Education is a learning science company that delivers
personalized learning experiences that help students, parents,
educators, and professionals drive results. – The Platform team in
Columbus is looking for for nice, smart, and adaptable people to join
the Platform Run team.  The key trait is thought leadership through
problem solving: This individual must exhibit independent creativity,
a curiosity to research new technologies and methodologies, and a
pervasive desire to dig into complex technical issues while respecting
timelines. In order to be fully effective candidates will need to
understand and apply knowledge from several different disciplines:
Software Development, Performance Engineering, DevOps and traditional
IT. The goal is to ensure optimization of the ConnectED and legacy
school systems. "Optimize" is a broad term covering the diverse
capabilities of the team, encompassing:  Resilience, Reliability,
Performance, Capacity, and Quality.  Many metrics are used to evaluate
"is the system performing optimally" but the key ones are the SLA's of
uptime (99.95%), service responsiveness (500ms), web responsiveness
(<2s),  and scalability (fall back to school 2x load).

The responsibilities will entail supporting the ConnectED PreK through
12th system and associated applications through these core functions:

•              Provide Tier 3 Application Support for customer
reported incidents

•              Provide Application Support through automated
monitoring, triage, and remediation

•              Provide a rotating single point of contact, 24x7x365
for any P1 or Major Incidents

•              Create, Maintain, and tune application and service
level monitoring and alerts

•              Track, analyze, review, prioritize, report on, and when
able resolve software and infrastructure issues

The ideal candidate shall possess (or demonstrate competencies to
learn) these diverse skills:

•              Experience in understanding the simplest solution, and
focusing on the most effective technique to resolve a problem, while
respecting time commitments and infrastructure constraints.

•              Experience tuning and managing applications running on
Linux, AWS, and Windows VMs, including OS-level commands for

•              Experience with on-call technical troubleshooting and
research, assessing customer impact, and translating to impact /

•              Experience with software development languages:
Java(required), PHP, BSH, Ruby

•              Experience in n-tier application architecture,
deployment infrastructure, and network topology: F5, Switches,
Routers, TCP/IP routing, DDOS prevention, NICs

•              Knowledge of middleware caching strategies such as
Redis, Couchbase, ElastiCache, Hazelcast

•              Knowledge of web application middleware: Tomcat,
Apache, JBoss, Jetty, Node.js, EC2, Lamda

•              Knowledge of build lifecycle and release management:
Continuous Integration and Deployment, Jenkins, GIT, SVN, CVS, Sonar,
Puppet, Chef, Capistrano, CloudFormation

•              Knowledge of end client technologies and
troubleshooting: HTML5, CSS, Modern Javascript libraries and
frameworks, especially Angular.js, CDN

•              Knowledge of these skills will be considered a plus:
Maven, ANT, Quartz, Spring, SpringBoot,

Jenna Giancaterino-MBA, CPSR
Senior Recruiter-Talent Acquisition
Fusion Alliance

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