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Jim Wildman jim at rossberry.com
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What a buzzword compliant pile of mutually exclusive interests...

On Mon, 6 Jun 2016, Scott Merrill wrote:

> A recruiter contacted me with the following opportunity. I'm not
> looking for anything new, but maybe this is of interest to someone
> else.
> Please don't contact me about this.  Contact  Jenna Giancaterino.
> Tell her I sent you, though!  ;)
> Platform Run
> McGraw-Hill Education is a learning science company that delivers
> personalized learning experiences that help students, parents,
> educators, and professionals drive results. – The Platform team in
> Columbus is looking for for nice, smart, and adaptable people to join
> the Platform Run team.  The key trait is thought leadership through
> problem solving: This individual must exhibit independent creativity,
> a curiosity to research new technologies and methodologies, and a
> pervasive desire to dig into complex technical issues while respecting
> timelines. In order to be fully effective candidates will need to
> understand and apply knowledge from several different disciplines:
> Software Development, Performance Engineering, DevOps and traditional
> IT. The goal is to ensure optimization of the ConnectED and legacy
> school systems. "Optimize" is a broad term covering the diverse
> capabilities of the team, encompassing:  Resilience, Reliability,
> Performance, Capacity, and Quality.  Many metrics are used to evaluate
> "is the system performing optimally" but the key ones are the SLA's of
> uptime (99.95%), service responsiveness (500ms), web responsiveness
> (<2s),  and scalability (fall back to school 2x load).
> The responsibilities will entail supporting the ConnectED PreK through
> 12th system and associated applications through these core functions:
> •              Provide Tier 3 Application Support for customer
> reported incidents
> •              Provide Application Support through automated
> monitoring, triage, and remediation
> •              Provide a rotating single point of contact, 24x7x365
> for any P1 or Major Incidents
> •              Create, Maintain, and tune application and service
> level monitoring and alerts
> •              Track, analyze, review, prioritize, report on, and when
> able resolve software and infrastructure issues
> The ideal candidate shall possess (or demonstrate competencies to
> learn) these diverse skills:
> •              Experience in understanding the simplest solution, and
> focusing on the most effective technique to resolve a problem, while
> respecting time commitments and infrastructure constraints.
> •              Experience tuning and managing applications running on
> Linux, AWS, and Windows VMs, including OS-level commands for
> monitoring
> •              Experience with on-call technical troubleshooting and
> research, assessing customer impact, and translating to impact /
> severity
> •              Experience with software development languages:
> Java(required), PHP, BSH, Ruby
> •              Experience in n-tier application architecture,
> deployment infrastructure, and network topology: F5, Switches,
> Routers, TCP/IP routing, DDOS prevention, NICs
> •              Knowledge of middleware caching strategies such as
> Redis, Couchbase, ElastiCache, Hazelcast
> •              Knowledge of web application middleware: Tomcat,
> Apache, JBoss, Jetty, Node.js, EC2, Lamda
> •              Knowledge of build lifecycle and release management:
> Continuous Integration and Deployment, Jenkins, GIT, SVN, CVS, Sonar,
> Puppet, Chef, Capistrano, CloudFormation
> •              Knowledge of end client technologies and
> troubleshooting: HTML5, CSS, Modern Javascript libraries and
> frameworks, especially Angular.js, CDN
> •              Knowledge of these skills will be considered a plus:
> Maven, ANT, Quartz, Spring, SpringBoot,
> Jenna Giancaterino-MBA, CPSR
> Senior Recruiter-Talent Acquisition
> Fusion Alliance
> 614.896.2044
> www.fusionalliance.com
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