[colug-432] Hadoop interest ?

Tom Hanlon tom at functionalmedia.com
Mon Dec 13 00:39:13 EST 2010

Hi Colug,

I just joined Cloudera as a trainer. I will be teaching Hadoop Map/ 
Reduce and all that wonderfully distributed batch processing framework  

I am thinking about creating a hadoop meetup in Columbus.

Gauging interest or looking for contacts in other groups or  
individuals that might be interested.

COLUG has been tremendously helpful to me over the years, so I could  
also come up from athens and do a Hadoop presentation at a Colug  

Anyone on list playing around with

Hadoop ?
Cassandra ?

Or other implementations of something that got started after google  
wrote the big-table, GFS paper ?

Anyone use hdfs for it's simplicity in terms of big files over many  
machines and disks ?

I have seen OCLC at hadoop trainings so I know they are at least  
I met someone else from Columbus but I forget the company or use..

Hadoop is fun, unfortunately written in Java, now that Oracle owns  
java and as we await the outcome of Oracle vs Google and the future to  
see exactly what or how open Java really is.
But that is mostly another issue.

Happy Holidays.


Tom Hanlon
tom at functionalmedia.com
Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer
Certified MySQL DBA

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