[colug-432] Meetings?

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Tue Aug 28 22:36:52 EDT 2012

> September is OLF month (you have registered, right?

conflict, or I would have

> https://ohiolinux.org), which makes the last Saturday hard to justify.
>  If someone wants to present on the last Wednesday of September, do
> please speak up!

(did, offlist)

> I've been a little busier of late, and haven't been soliciting
> presentations as strenuously as I have in the past. I'll try to remedy
> that after September.

Yer a good man, Charlie Brown.

> We could use a new website for COLUG.  Phil posted about this back in June:
>    http://lists.colug.net/pipermail/colug-432/2012-June/001759.html
> How do new members find us?

The prior COLUG web content looked hand crafted.  (Being hand crafted
is a compliment.  Looking hand crafted, not so much.)  In any case,
more than one person needs to contribute, so maybe that justifies
wikidness?  But beware of the psychology that Russ pointed out:

>> There is a bewildering variety of 'bike-shedding' and
>> wheel-reinvention happening in this space:

Pick something that works.  Try to pick something that accommodates a
traditional hierarchy of static files under it.  (I do not know if
that is possible.)  There is goodness even now in web content that can
drop onto a thumb drive.

-- R;   <><
'::1, sweet ::1'

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