[colug-432] Insight, TW, WOW, VoIP

Rob Stampfli res at colnet.cmhnet.org
Mon May 6 16:33:19 EDT 2013

My setup:
+ Landline with AT&T, about $21/mo w/Call Plan 30:  Every time I about
  work up the steam to cancel it, it seems the VoIP glitches.  It is
  the number I give out, and I get about 95% of my incoming calls on
  it.  With this plan I get 30 outgoing calls/mo.  Incoming calls are
  free.  Downside:  I'm not paying for caller-id.
+ Google Voice:  I use Asterisk to interface with GV so that it appears
  as a second line to my cordless phones attached to my Linksys PAP2T.
  GV is free to North America at least through the end of the year.
  It is also somewhat glitchy.  I occasionally get dropped or lose one
  side of the conversation and have to redial.  I make almost all my
  outgoing calls on this line.  For the really important ones, I use
+ voip.ms:  Charges something like a 1.25 cents per minute.  I use this
  service to play around with.  Haven't used it enough to be confident
  of its reliability, but it seems at least as solid as GV.  Free voice
  mail, callerid, 3-way, etc.  Would eventually like to port my AT&T
  number to this.
+ Cell phone: For when I'm out of the house.


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