[colug-432] puppet: leveraging another module

Mike Plemmons mikeplemmons at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 13:44:10 EDT 2015

On Jun 16, 2015 11:55 AM, "Stephen Potter" <spp at unixsa.net> wrote:
> I may have mentioned on here recently that I'm looking for a new job
> (infrastructure architect or UNIX/Linux manager).  A couple of the jobs
> I've looked at are either using Puppet or have a config management
> project going on with Puppet as one of the possible choices.  I'd be
> interested in a meetup to help me better understand Puppet and the CM
> ecosystem in general.
> -spp

I am looking for a new position as well and am seeing the same thing.
There is only so much that one can do at home.


> On 6/11/2015 10:36 PM, Scott Merrill wrote:
> > I’ve been thinking about starting a Puppet users Meetup. If there’s
> > sufficient interest, please speak up and I’ll make it happen.
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