[colug-432] OT: in pursuit of more secure POS transactions

Rick Hornsby richardjhornsby at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 14:02:14 EDT 2015

Being a more tech-savvy crowd, I’m curious about COLUG folks’ experience with mobile device payments - ApplePay or the Android equivalent.  I’m an iPhone person myself.  Despite the multitude of stories about how this-or-that is now accepting mobile payments, so far, I’ve only found a single vendor that accepts ApplePay (Subway - the sandwich shop).

Along similar lines, my CC company sent me a new card a few months ago with the “chip”.  Again though - only one place (Target) accepts the chip. Everyone else, including places with chip readers, still require me to swipe the card.  They usually say something like “Oh that doesn’t work”.

Has anyone else encountered these kinds of limitations?  (or not encountered them) Any ideas why?  Perhaps I just stopped trying ApplePay after the first few weeks of having the phone and no one accepting it, and haven’t noticed?


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