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                                 MEETING NOTICE

   Central Ohio Linux User Group
   Date: Thursday, January 28 2016, 7 - 9 PM EDT
   Please RSVP to the list or to skippy at skippy.net if you plan to


   Meet the Raspberry Pi Zero

   Ethan Dicks will give a presentation about the Raspberry Pi Zero.

   Raspberry Pi is a family of small Linux computers aimed at educational
   and hobby users. With features ranging from built-in audio and high-def
   video, user-controllable I/O pins, USB for peripherals and storage and
   network connectivity, they have been used for programming language
   learning platforms, media players, DIY webcams, weather stations, and a
   lot more. Since the February 2012 release of the original "B" model at
   $35, millions have been sold in a handful of varieties. Last November,
   the latest member of the family, the model Zero, came out with double
   the memory and one third the physical size for the astounding price of
   $5. They sold out in hours and are still catching up with demand. Come
   see what they left out to shrink this model down to a fraction of the
   size and a fraction of the price and what they left in that makes it a
   terrific bargain for the right use.

   As always, feel free to bring with you any ailing or problematic
   systems for expert diagnosis (or destruction).

   There are no dues or fees.


   The meeting will be held at:
       2 Miranova Place
       Columbus, OH 43215
       [9]Google Map
       [10]Google Map

   Please sign in with security and then take the elevator to the eleventh


    Orange section in parking garage
       NOTE: please RSVP to the mailing list or Scott Merrill <skippy at
       skippy.net> so that the correct number of parking vouchers can be
       Please park in the Orange section of the parking garage, which is
       specifically for guest parking. Parking in any other spot runs the
       risk of taking someone's assigned parking spot. There is little
       risk of doing so at 7 PM, but why risk causing any trouble? Please
       park in the orange section. We will have parking vouchers so you do
       not have to pay to park if you RSVP'd to Scott Merrill <skippy at
    On-street On-street parking is available at meters. I do not know how
       late they are enforced. We are in the Car2Go service area, so
       Car2Go users can park at nearby meters for free.

   Thanks to [11]CoverMyMeds for hosting us! They're hiring all sorts of
   technical folks, check out their job postings and tech blog

   [13]previous presentations


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